Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My trip to the ER

So it all began before most people realize, before I realized. I set myself up for pain. Tuesday Julia and I were headed down with friends to attend an concert band have some fun. So it all began on Monday. 

I recently signed up for a gym membership. I am at the heaviest I have ever been...by far. So being a newbie at the gym, I signed up to get trained. I figured I might need to know how to use the equipment. So I chose Monday to get trained. Genius. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't seriously pushed it to prove something (I don't know who I was proving it to or what I was trying to prove). I so totally overdid it that my legs just shook just walking, and it hurt to hold my own weight. My abs were sore, too, but not as bad as my legs.

So Tuesday comes around, and I hurt so much that all I want to do is stay home and sleep. But it was time to go on an adventure. It was a nice day for traveling. We had fun, but it hurt every time I got out of the car. We were in an SUV, so it was a drop to get to the ground. I felt it every time. Still my traveling companions were awesome. 

On Wednesday we went to Universal Studios. It was super hot. I tried to drink water. It was super hot. Did I mention that? My body hurt so much that I couldn't hear the rest of my body telling me to cool down and drink more water. It was a fun day. 

On Thursday, I chilled all day trying to build up strength for the concert that night. The whole reason for the trip was the One Direction concert. It was an early birthday present for Julia. Even better was that 5 Seconds of Summer was opening for them. Even better was that I got a huge telephoto lens for my iPhone! It was awesome, but super hot. I once again triednto drink water, but I forgot. It was my fault. We had a great time until the last song when I decided I was going to be sick. It went downhill from there. See? Everything was great until I got sick. 

Then it went from yucky to terrible. I called for an ambulance. Went to the hospital. Got lots of shots, CT scan, xrays, hydration stuff, pain meds. Then they sent me home. An hour after I got back to a hotel, I was tossing my cookies again, but there weren't any cookies. After a few hours, they told me I had to go back to the hospital. They did more tests and more hydration. I spent the night. Julia and the awesome family we came down with left after I returned to the hospital. My friend, Dawn Marie, came to the hospital to be with me. Then my Uncle Craig. Then, finally my family arrived (mom, dad, and Jeremiah). I stayed in the hospital most of this day as well. I tried to convince them to give me some info. When we got to 4pm and nothing, I started getting mouthy. I started using words like "release me" and "let me sign myself out." When the nurser started talking in circles again about when I could be released, I used words like "how long" and "one hour or 30 minutes, how about 15 minutes." I began to realize that a lot of my an pain was from the bed. I got a bit ticked. The doctor finally came in to tell me my results...nothing wrong...should stay the night...more blooodwork in the morning... I said "NO!" I want to go home. He asked if I had eaten anything. I said no, the hospital hadn't fed me yet today. That's another sore spot. So he says he will send me home when I have eaten something. He leaves. My nurse eventually comes back in and says that he has started my release paperwork. I wanted to kiss him. But I stunk and was really yucky. So 20 minutes later I am finally released!!!!!

We ended up going to Uncle Craig's house for bread and water for me and real food for everyone else. Then we slept. The next morning we headed home! We made it home!!!! I survived. I learned a lesson. And now I just finished eating my first meal in 4 1/2 days!!

So there's my saga. Awesome, huh? So what did I learn? I will let you know some other time...maybe. 

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