Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ode to my Car

Ode to my Car

O car, my car.
My precious Christmas gift (or was it Valentine's Day) car.

I loved you fiercely until the day I got you back after being stolen.
Before you went on your unplanned journey you only hurt my leg;
It wasn't your fault your pedals were weirdly aligned.

When I got you back, though you hurt my leg and bum.
It wasn't your fault some hoodlums broke your seat.

I fondly gave you back to my man since he gave me a new,new-to-me car as a gift.
You took care of him greatly by guiding him back to you by blaring your alarm when he couldn't find you.

I lent you to my son. It wasn't totally my desire. but you helped me to teach him how to change a tire.

Then one day my precious man had to leave.
And I felt like I needed to give you away to help me grieve.

It is with tears that I give you up.
You were loved by many. You were used my some. The memories are wonderful.
Thank you, my dear Christmas car.

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