Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Nothing Day

Today, I did nothing. I felt a little guilty at first; then I got over it. Julia (she reads my blogs sometimes) did not want to sleep last night. That made it so I didn't get to sleep very much last night. We are sharing a bed. Yay! I didn't mind sharing until last night. So this morning, she didn't want to get up; neither did I. Jeremiah couldn't sleep last night, so he did his school work. Pretty cool. I didn't know though, so I tried to wake him up. He politely told me that he did his work, and he wanted to sleep until noon. I said okey dokey. So neither kids wakes up...I decided to go back to bed. (Usually the kids not waking up doesn't stop me from continuing to wake them up. I only had a little over 3 hours of sleep. I let it go.)

I checked my email and my phone all day. NOTHING! I did not get any updates. Another reason sleep was good.

I finally took my shower and got dressed (yes, I was in my pajamas all day...I even went on an errand like that) around 5pm. Then I ran an errand with my mom for something for the Oscars. Then my kids called me to meet them at Target. We had a fun evening together.

Jeremiah told me that a few days ago, he saw a red Explorer with a license plate that started exactly like ours. Not only that, but a bald dude with a goatee was driving. He decided to follow the dude to make sure it wasn't Tony. And luckily it was not. Then he asked me if I would rather that have been Tony and he faked his own death and ditched his family...OR would I rather he have died knowing he loved his wife and kids? Wow! That's a tough question. I think I'd rather have it as it is now. Death (with love), I think, would be better than betrayal? Something to think about.

Did I make the point that I didn't hear about Tony's remains? Did I also mention that I didn't get a preliminary autopsy report? It doesn't really matter. I just HATE the waiting game. I chose to have joy today by spending time with the kids. We discussed a lot of things. We had fun. We changed our cell phone service. We got new phones. We laughed at Tony's old password ( you get it?). We hung out together. We loved. We planned what we were going to do tomorrow night for KidStuf. We talked about behavior. We took videos of Grandma Karen singing to her old junior high record (vinyl) songs. We laughed because that's what Brignolios do...laugh.    JOY

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! Thanks Joy (or should I say Tony) I will be singing that song all day!! Ha ha!! Sounds like a blessed day to me! Stay strong...will be praying for you this weekend!